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Gift Ideas for Older Men

Posted by Tweedmans on 31st May 2021

Looking for gift ideas for an older man?

Most older gents already have most things so to find them a gift that they will love can be quite a task.

At Tweedmans we offer a wide and varied selection of men's modern and  vintage clothing and accessories for men of all ages, old or young. Many of our items are classic garments, ideal for an older man who still likes to dress in style.

We also have a great selection of  men's vintage accessories, some of which an older man may have worn the first time around and would appreciate receiving as a gift. For someone younger it may be a cool retro piece but to an older gentleman a vintage item may bring back fond memories of his younger years and that nostalgic bygone era of his youth.

Or maybe he is a trendy granddad who likes the finer things in life, in which case we offer an amazing selection of modern high-end  men's designer clothing and accessories.

Older men tend to know what they do and don't like, they are comfortable in their own skin and will wear what they like rather than what is "in fashion" right now. Good for them, however quality classic clothing is not always easy to find and can be expensive. At Tweedmans however we sell high quality and affordable timeless clothing that is neither in nor out of fashion but remain classic wardrobe staples for gents of all ages.

Let's forgot buying older men boring socks and soaps at Xmas, it's not much fun for him and just think how pleased he will be to receive a unique, unusual and unexpected gift that he can enjoy for years to come.

Here is our top 5 unique gift ideas for older men all available to buy in our online shop.

Tweed Jacket

Silk Pocket Square

Tweed Bow Tie / Silk Bow Tie

Vintage Scarf / Silk Scarf / Cravat

Designer Silk Tie / Vintage Tie