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Size Guide

QUICK GUIDE : (more comprehensive guide further down the page)

The size shown is the size to fit wearer so if for example you measure 38 inch around chest you would purchase a garment in this size. The suffix of S/R/L would indicate if we believe the item to be Short/ Regular or Long fit etc. This refers predominantly to the sleeve length or leg length of a garment. Fit needed will depend on your height / arm length and we advise always checking measurements for the best fit.

For guidance only:

Short fit - For men up to 5' 6"

Regular fit - For men 5' 7" to 5' 11"

Long fit - For men 6' 0" to approx. 6ft 4".

For Jackets & Waistcoats: Measure in inches around the fullest part of chest keeping the tape measure up under the arms, one finger under the tape and breath in, this is your chest size.

For Trousers: Measure in inches around the waist approx. 1" above the hip bone and under the belly. Relax & breath out when measuring. Measure straight down leg from crotch to hem to get leg length needed.





Here you will find how we measure individual items of men's clothing and how to measure yourself or a garment you already own and like the fit of to work out the best garment for size & fit.

What Is My Chest Size?  Measure around the broadest part of your chest keeping the tape up under the arms. Keep one finger between the tape measure and the body and breath in. Whatever that measurement is then that is your chest size. 
When buying a blazer, sports jacket or tailcoat etc just choose a jacket in your chest size ensuring you all other measurements are suitable ie: sleeve length etc.

Sleeve Length / Shoulder Seam To Cuff - Measure from crown to wrist (shoulder seam to cuff) or alternatively you can measure a jacket you own and like the fit of to get this measurement. Shoulder to cuff & inner leg length measurements are important as these will decide if you need a Short / Regular or Long fit. ( See below for detailed sizes)

Across Chest / Armpit to Armpit - If you are measuring one of your jackets rather than your own chest then you want to purchase a jacket with similar armpit to armpit / across chest measurement as this will allow the correct room for movement.

Length - Overall length measured from bottom of collar to hem on jackets and coats.

Shoulders - Measured straight across from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.

Jacket / Waistcoat Length - We measure from the base of the collar at back to the hem.

All of our clothing is sized to fit, so if for example you measure 38" chest then you will need a garment that is sized as a 38.






For most trousers we give the waist & inner leg measurement, we may give the outer leg measurement for some. For multi-listing formal wear trousers we usually give the waist (W) & inner leg (L).

Waist - For trousers measure 1 inch above the hip bone. Men tend to breathe in when getting measured so ensure you are relaxed and breathing out.

Inside Leg / leg length. - Measure crotch to ankle.

Outer Leg / Waistband to Hem - Measure from waist to ankle or normal position you like to wear your trousers.


It is a good idea to check all measurements provided for a perfect fit. It takes 5 minutes to check with a tape measure and avoids disappointment. If after reading our guide you still require advice on sizing, please contact us. We are always happy to help. 

As all makers differ greatly in size we discount any size labels present and size all garments ourselves. 
All sizes are approximate, we add full measurements for you to check against your own to ensure a good fit. Please check all measurements given are suitable as all sizes stated are estimated best fit for guidance only.

What do the letters XS/S/R/L/XL  added on the end of the stated size stand for?
Extra short, short, regular, long fit or extra long / tall Fit.

Can I return if it doesn't fit?
Yes most definitely, we offer a 14 day returns policy for all items. We get very few size issues, so for example as long as you know your chest size and sleeve measurement when buying a jacket or coat and waist and inside leg measurement for trousers then you should have no issues.

Ex-Hire Formal Wear Size Guide
For our ex-hire formal attire we have many sizes available for most items in each listing and add all available sizes, sometimes multiples of the same size so that you can see exactly what we have available. With this in mind we try to offer as much info as possible for each piece in the drop down size bar to aid you in choosing the best fit possible. 
For morning coats, tailcoats & suit jackets: You will need your chest & sleeve measurement. We show the chest size to fit followed by one of these letters XS/S/R/L/XL indicating if we consider the item to be closest to an x-short, short, regular, long or x-long /tall fit followed by the actual sleeve measurement ( measured from top shoulder seam to cuff as shown below) and then our reference number for the item.
For all trousers: You will need your waist & inside leg measurement. We show the waist size to fit followed by the inside leg measurement and then our reference number for the item. If there is any leg length to be gained with alteration we will note this with a +?" stating how much could be gained if needed.

All coats are sized to fit, allowing for undergarments. If you measure for example 40" around the chest then you would purchase a men's coat or overcoat tagged as a 40.
Raglan coats ( one piece of cloth from underarm to neckline with no shoulder seam) as pictured below are intended to be worn loosely so we allow for this when sizing these, around 4-7 inches over stated chest size depending on cut.
For other more fitted style coats we will allow less, around 3-4 inches over stated chest size to allow room for movement.
Again we ignore any labels and size garments accordingly due to the fact that most modern brands differ greatly and vintage coats state the actual measurement rather than chest size and were often sized on the large size.




Measure the hand you normally write with at its widest point (excluding the thumb),this will be your glove size.
Gloves sizes come in half and whole numbers, usually between 7.5 and 11.5 for men.
If for example your hand measures 8.5 inches around its widest point (excluding your thumb), your glove size is 8.5.


When sizing garments we take into account how they are intended to be worn and size accordingly. Many items have no size label, vintage clothing was sized smaller in the past ( other than coats which tended to be worn more loosely) and many modern brands vary greatly in size so we size all garments ourselves to give as consistent and accurate a size as possible.


Approximate size guides... but please check all measurements provided also as we can only indicate the best size to fit and all garments will differ slightly.

XS / Extra small = 32 -35 inch chest fit

S / Small = 36 -37 inch Chest fit

M / Medium = 38 - 41 inch Chest fit

L / Large = 42 - 45 inch Chest fit

XL / X-Large = 46 - 49 inch Chest fit

XXL / XX-Large = 50 - 53 inch Chest fit

XXXL / XXX-Large = 54 inch chest and above

Men's Clothing / Suit / Jacket Size Conversion Guide

US/UK - Europe

32 - 42

34 - 44

36 - 46

38 - 48

40 - 50

42 - 52

44 - 54

46 - 56

48 - 58

50 - 60