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Buy British Morning Dress - Morning Suit - Wedding & Formal Wear

Posted by Tweedmans on 31st May 2021

Buy top quality ex-rental traditional  British Morning Dress for weddings, a day at the races / Royal Ascot, summer garden parties and special occasion wear.

The morning suit jacket is much longer than a classic suit jacket with a long tail to back and is worn with either striped morning trousers, or matching suit trousers depending on the occasion.

A traditional morning suits consists of tailcoat with matching trousers and a waistcoat ( either matched to suit or a waistcoat that compliments the tie/cravat).

More formal is morning dress, this consists of a black tailcoat, grey/black striped morning trousers and traditionally a dove grey/buff waistcoat although many now prefer a more individual outfit and wear a smart plain or patterned waistcoat and tie.

For weddings many grooms, groomsmen and guests also opt for a grey or navy tailcoat with either matched or stripe morning trousers and patterned waistcoat depending on the colour theme of the wedding.

We offer all options for sale in a vast selection of styles and sizes with something to suit most tastes and all budgets. We also offer many accessories to complete your outfit.

Most of our garments are sold individually to allow you to mix and match the perfect ex-hire morning suit and all at low prices... why hire when you can buy for less?

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