Are Cravats in Fashion?

Posted by Tweedmans on 22nd Jun 2021

Are cravats in fashion? Quite simply, yes they are.

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Cravats have seen a huge revival among the fashionable set with celebrities like David Beckham wearing a cravat.

Once seen as a rather Dandy accessory the cravat has made a comeback. It has seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years as men become more confident in adding some unique flair to their outfits.
A cravat is now an accepted part of modern fashion for men who like to dress well. The cravat can and often is worn as alternative to a scarf by many men. Of course the traditional way to wear a cravat is and always will be the tucking into the shirt collar and showing just enough cravat to add some colour to an outfit.

A cravat makes a great alternative to wearing a tie and is a stylish fashion statement.

Casual day cravats ( not wedding cravats / scrunchies ) are highly versatile and can add a cool pop of colour to a jacket.
They can be worn with most items including a tweed jacket, blazer or a velvet jacket and add an air of individuality to an outfit.

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